Monday, November 8, 2010

Session 6 - Email

Good morning Beautiful Women of God,
In reviewing our course on Faithful, Abundant, and True, I am extremely grateful at all the wonderful truths in God's word which we had the opportunity to study. Looking at Miss Kay's portion on faith and being challenged to see in Hebrews that without faith it is "impossible" to please God (Heb 11:6). The book I am currently reading, Crazy Love, by Francis Chan poses a challenging question which is "What am I doing right now that requires faith?" He goes on to say so many of us wouldn't be living very differently if we didn't believe in God; as our lives are not affected by faith. God calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn't come through. It reminds me of Peter stepping "out" of the "safe" boat.

Who can forget Miss Priscilla's amazing teaching on Ephesians 3:20,21? "NOW, unto Him who is ABLE to do exceedingly abundantly above ALL that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him by glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen!" God can go way past our way past! We have an unmangeable God. He's consistent in character but can "surprise" us in action.

Beth honesty and openness to being "punked" was refreshing! I know many of us have been there and the challenge is to love with our eyes WIDE open! Discernment is important in the end days as many more people will be bent on deceit. Satan is cunning remember he first tempted Eve by having her question God's word, "Did God really say that you shouldn't eat from every tree of the garden?" It is vital that we know His word as Miss Kay challenged us so that we can rest on it in EVERY circumstance in our lives!

God bless each of you through the last week of homework on this journey!

We will be having our Celebration Dinner this upcoming Monday night - same time, same place! (Batman comes to mind for some reason:) Okay, back on track - 6:45 p.m. at the church office in the creative room where we have been meeting! We will be finishing with the final video - Session 7 - which is an open forum of question/answer with Kay, Priscilla and Beth. It's a fun way to see each of them in a different more casual way.

Updates are posted on the blog for Sessions 5 & 6

Session 6 - Fill Ins

1. Divine revelation in our human encounters
Am I critical or suspicious person by nature
A I jealous or do I feel threatened
Do I have anything selfish to gain from this outcome?
Are my emotions clouding my discernment?

You cannot walk in the Spirit and not have a heavy-duty relationship with Christ.

The spirit fill us to the extent that we yield to His authority.

We will never live a day in the Spirit accidentally.

The yes to the Holy Spirit is telling me something

1. run
2. step back
4. Stay put

2. Divine revelation in our Christ encounters

Christ wants to give us enlightened hearts that can see Him and sense Him at work.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Session 6 - Praise/Prayer Requests

Hi Ladies,
Oh, so wonderful! It was truly a blessing studying with all of you last night and being challenged by Beth to be more discerning in our spiritual walk! Eyes wide open!

I wanted to send you the Praise/Prayer requests as well as the link to the video sessions if you would like to view any of the sessions you might have missed or any of the ones you wouldn't mind watching again. The link is

Here are the Praise and Prayer Requests - Christ is our Intercessor! Enter His throne room with Thanksgiving - we praise you Lord!

HINT: I've found printing this e-mail out and taking it with me in my purse has been a great way to pray for these requests throughout the week!

Jackie S. - Prayer for Cynthia who has had the flu and has suffered with a Fibromyalgia Flare. Prayer for God's precious healing and also for continued provisions for them as they struggle with work.

Robin - This last session was extremely challenging - I need to work on my discernment by seeking God more and literally say to God daily I'm yielding to Him and to walk in the Spirit. I need to listen carefully to hear God's voice.

Martha - Please pray for relief from extreme fear I've been experiencing. Please keep praying for strength and extra protection as I keep interceding for special needs children, spiritual widows and missing children.

? - Prayer for my nephew's new job opportunity. My sister-in-law was baptized Sunday- please help her stay focused.

Sophie - Praise - That I've actually started my job. I had a great trip to TX to see friends and being in a wedding - all went well. Prayer - For wisdom and joy when coaching my girls and to continually be a light at my job.

Sarah D. - Prayer for good results - I'm having cataract surgery on Monday - Nov 8th.

Sharon - Prayer for James - for Jesus to open up the scriptures to him.

? - Praise report - my brother does not have cancer but does need to remove a hernia. Also, praise for my husband passed his state test for his apprenticeship. Praise for recovery over brother-in-law recovery.

Beverly E - Praise - my husband is recovering great after his prostate cancer surgery. Our God is Great! Prayer - Please pray for my son-in-law, Tim; he is deployed with his Army unit in Cuba. Prayer for my step-son, Ryan and new daughter-in-law on honeymoon in Cabo - that they would come to know Christ and put Him in the center of their marriage.

Kim H - Praise - for wonderful amazing women who are serious about the study of God's word - what a BLESSING!! Thank you Lord! Prayer - for job possibility at home (AZ) for my husband, salvation and/or a fresh head on revival collision with Jesus Christ for family members - Ramon, Ted, Brandon, Ashley, Brittany, Scott, Kyle, Alexa, Emma.

God bless you in your studies this week and I look forward to seeing everyone for Celebration Dinner next Monday!

God bless you with all knowledge, wisdom and understanding and may He challenge your faith in mighty ways this week!

Session 5 - Fill Ins

The People of God have the power withinus, not just to do or to act, but to know.

The very nature of agape love in the Greek New Testament is a love that is demonstrative.

We have the mind of Christ. 1 Cor 2:16

God fashioned us for significance.

Do not be deceived

Session 5 - Praise/Prayer Requests

God is able to do above what we can imagine or ask of him - Believe His promises!
Just an encouragement to read I John - yes, the whole book! It's a great compliment to Day 1 of homework! Be prepared to "dig deeper still" for the golden nuggets of truth in the Word this week of homework! Ask God to open up your understanding, give you wisdom and knowledge so that you will apply it in your life the truths He'll be teaching and showing you! I can't wait to hear of the treasure you unearth during your adventure of discovery!

Please remember how important it is to be prayer warriors for each other! We need that!

? - Praise - I just want to thank Jesus/God for loving me and keeping me strong in Him. thank you Lord for guiding us closer to you! You are my first love now and forever. I Love You!!!

? Prayer - For my God daughter that's struggling through spiritual and teenage issues. Very rebellious and spontaneous actions. Prayer for strength and discernment. The Lord rebuke the devil that is circling around the family.

? Praise God for touching my sister's heart, softening my husband's heart and the work he does and provides in mine and our lives. Please pray for me as I am trying to succeed in the test for certification as an EMT. For my sister and her eyes/heart to open for God.

Beverly - Praise God! My husband's cancer surgery went very well! He is recovering well at home. Please pray for good news from his Dr. this Friday that they got all the cancer. Also, please pray for my daughter in Hawaii that she will turn to God to help her marriage. Thank you!!

? Praise God my husband was baptized:) Prayer for my teen daughters, Emily and Steph, to grow in their purpose God has for them. Prayer for me to accept the life God has given and to grow in the wisdom and truth of God's word. Prayer for my marriage to continue to be strengthened!

? Prayer for strength to break free of an addition I've had for 22 years. Prayer for strength to lie out, "I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength." Prayer for my daughters to go deeper in their walk and truly know God and gain faith in their walk. Prayer for my husband, Rob, who is growing in his faith. Prayer for my mom to know Christ. Prayer for Lilly and her family - 5 years old diagnosed with leukemia. Prayer for friend who's divorce has tore their hearts out. prayer for their children. (God knows)

? Praise - God's supplying financially for my family for amazing Brother and sister-in-law as friends. Prayer - traveling safety as I fly to Houston for my friends wedding and just a refreshing before the start of my job.

Kim - Praise - God answers prayers! Praise for opportunity to share God today - love it, love it, love it - God's timing is perfect! Prayer - For salvation for my family members who don't know Him personally! Please pray for my daughter, Brittany, she has a big test on the 28th she needs to pass in order to graduate! Pray for Betty for comfort, wisdom focus on Christ and her daughter, Linda, who has been making some bad choices in her young life of 18. Pray that Betty will come to church and get plugged into growing in her faith walk.

Sharon - Safety on trip to CA and opportunities to talk to Ted about the Lord and that his heart will be open to Christ! (Kim's - sidenote - we need/want and would LOVE a Saul/Paul conversion!) Way past our way past!

God bless you this week! I recommend printing out this e-mail and keeping it in your purse so whenever you have a moment during lunch break, at night before bed, waiting for a doctor to call you, skipping a favorite TV show, (oops, did I say that) you can lift requests up before Him. Remember to enter his court with thanksgiving and praise - He is Worthy!

Session 4 - Email

Ephesians 3:20,21 Now to him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ unto all generations forever and ever. Amen

Remember the 7 principles from Ephesians - Food for thought to keep in mind that the number 7 is perfection!

1. Time - is Now
2. Turning - to Him
3. Truth is absolute not relative
4. Transcendence - (hyper - word on steroids) - We serve a God who does way past your way past! (Paris/France - comes to mind!)
5. Totality - ALL - We have a God who cares about everything. All means ALL!
6. Turbo power - the power working within us through the Holy Spirit.
7. Our tribute to Him - For HIS glory! Our God is predictable in His character, but He is unpredictable in His activity.

I will never look at Ephesians 3 the same - POWERFUL! I wanted to reiterate what Phyllis drove home in Session 4 as I thought it was an extremely motivating teaching.

Have you been challenged to change your prayer habit? Have you challenged to ask and trust God more than you have in the past? Has your faith grown? I know I have been incredibly challenged by the truths we have been learning.

Pray that our God will do even more exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that you can ask, think or imagine! Our God is ABLE and Faithful! We can trust in HIS truth!

I look forward to seeing all of you Monday night for Session 5! It is a very applicable word for today by Beth Moore.

The class blog has been updated if you need the fill ins, want to review the praise/prayer requests, etc.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Session 4 - Fill Ins

1. Time - is now
2. Turning - to Him
3. Truth - is absolute not relative
You either trust God or you don't
4. Transcendence
We serve a God who does way past your way past.
5. Totality - ALL
Everything that concerns you concerns God.
We have a God who cares about everything.
6. Turbo - power
7. Our Tribute to Him
Our God is predictable in His character, but He is unpredictable in His activity.